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Diggity dig…

Getting chucked off our old allotment by the horrible little builder who’d bought the land was a bit of a blow, but our new plot has several advantages, apart from getting away from him: it’s flat, for starters, the soil is more than two inches deep, and it’s not full of paving-slab-sized stones. It’s also on a really well organised, large and friendly site with around 160 plot-holders, not to mention automatic gates and (imagine our excitement) a composting toilet.

The only drawbacks are that it’s on the mainland (boo!), so we have to drive or cycle there – not very easy with a spade on your back. And though the soil is lovely and rich and deep, as soon as we started digging we discovered that it was infested with bindweed, brambles and couch grass.

So the last week, which we’d planned as a week off, has turned into an epic session of back-breaking digging; after four days of this I actually started dreaming about digging, which can’t be a good sign, but we finally finished last night – 60 square metres of digging done. Which means we can start planting tomorrow morning before heading back to London for a rest. Phew.

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