Christopher Stocks


Picture goes here?

Writing about perfume is all very well, but who wants to read a blog that has no pictures? Maybe I’m just a lazy git – correction: I am a lazy git – but it’s so hard to find good images to illustrate my perfume postings that it puts me off (or at least gives me an easy excuse to avoid) writing them, when I should really be adding new posts every time I smell a new scent.

Or perhaps I’m just not being imaginative enough? That’s perfectly possible, but it also raises an interesting point, which is what an iron grip the perfume licensees have over the way their products are pictured and advertised.

Like wine or music, perfume doesn’t, in itself, have much (if any) innate visual appeal, and perfume bottles, though far more varied in design than bottles of wine, are often so hideous to contemplate that it’s kinder not to illustrate them at all. Take the unutterably hideous Womanity from Thierry Mugler, for example… (NB I mean ‘take’ in a physical rather than a metaphorical sense – as in please, please take it a very long way away and never bring it back.)

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