Christopher Stocks


Ode (found poem, Oxford)

O Rare, Bibliophile, First editions, Private presses
O Africana
O Anthropology (ethnology, mythology, folklore)
O Archaeology

O Architecture          O Art
O Bibliography (history of the book, publishing, typography, calligraphy)
O Classical antiquity (Greek and Latin, Byzantine, Ancient Near East, Egyptology, Ancient history, Classical Archaeology)
O English literature

O British and other European history, politics, travel, topography, geography, economics
O Medieval studies, Renaissance
O History (World)
O Romance languages          O German
O Russian (Literature, criticism, linguistics, reference, semiotics, art, theatre)
O Russian history, politics, current affairs, economics, travel, geography

O Eastern European countries:          O Literature

O History
O other European languages,
O Asia, Far East, Japan, China, India, Australasia,
O Linguistics, Semiotics
O History of medicine          O History of Science
O Philosophy
O Theology, Orthodox Church

O Judaica