Christopher Stocks


Love and death

Caring for someone you love who is dying is, oddly, a bit like being in love. There’s the same desire to spend as much time as possible together, but more than that, it gives you the same strange moments of heightened reality, when just looking up in the sky and seeing white clouds or a bird flying overhead can bring you to the edge of tears.

It’s funny that death isn’t more integrated into our lives today, since it’s just as integral to life as, say, giving birth – except of course one is intensely sad and the other, on the whole, is something to celebrate. Yet we celebrate death, too, in a way, by remembering the life of the person we’ve lost.

Radio silence

Apologies to anyone who’s been checking my website over the last few weeks for the lack of posts: my father was rushed to hospital in the New Year and has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease, so life’s been turned upside down for all the family while we try and look after him as best we can. ‘Normal’ service will be resumed as soon as possible, but in the meantime I hope you’ll bear with me – sorry.